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October 2021: Must Farm

We were, at last, able to welcome, from Glasgow, Dr Susanna Harris to speak about the ten years of work by the Archaeology Department of Glasgow University on the Must Farm textiles.  The Must Farm site is located on the Fens not far from Peterborough but is now closed. The settlement was built on stilts […]

September 2021 We’re Back!

The North Cheshire Guild met at Croft on 26th September for the first time in 19 months and the 20 members present had a lovely time. We had a focus on Peg Loom Weaving, with several members bringing their looms and we also looked at a Woven Rag Rug Loom made by Flo from a […]

July 2021 Feltworks

Tyra and Ruth, both members of Leek Guild, gave a Zoom talk about their exhibition which, after three years of planning, was due to run for eight weeks. Sadly, when the 2020 Lockdown struck, their work was on display for only eight hours! They won’t be mounting another exhibition because of the work involved, but they did […]

Zoom Meeting June 2021

Last Saturday Liz was talking about her Yarnshifter, an adjustable, portable weaving frame for producing squares, triangles or diamonds which she bought at The Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show, probably in 2003.     The couple who used to produce them are no longer in business, but a Yarnshifter was up for sale on Ebay recently. […]

Zoom meeting April 2021

  Our volunteer  for the proposed flax spinning demonstration was, unfortunately, indisposed.  Ann (our programme secretary) stepped in at the last minute and organised a macramé workshop.  We hope to be able to present flax spinning at a later date.   Thank you very much to Ann for patiently taking us through the basics of macramé. […]

Spinning Workshop March 27th, 2021

  Those of us (11 in total) who took part in Fiona Nisbet’s spinning workshop on Saturday had an entertaining and informative day. Fiona began by asking us what type of wheel we all had and what fibres we were going to spin. We considered whether we had a project in mind or whether we […]

February 2021 Hannah Elizabeth Jones Biomarble

  We had a real treat this Saturday when Hannah Elizabeth Jones gave us a talk on her Biomarble Fabrics. She gave a super talk which was both fascinating and thought provoking. Currently doing a PHD in Manchester, Hannah began experimenting with waste products as a student, starting with installations created from rubbish collected in […]

Weaving at Frodsham

A group of our talented weavers enjoyed the opportunity of attending a Double Weave course tutored by the renowned weaver Riitta Sinkkonen Davies who had travelled from her home in Pembrokeshire. You may remember Riitta being the guest speaker when we held an Open Day in September 2014.  Her description of her work with linen was […]

Journeying by the Sea

At our March meeting we were delighted to welcome the textile artist Patricia Greaves, who is now predominantly a feltmaker. Patricia takes much of her inspiration from the sea and coast, particularly enjoying her ‘local’ beach at Ainsdale.  Patricia has developed her ideas into exhibition installations and displays including a ‘walk-through’ installation.  Initially a painter, […]

February 2019 Freestyle and Wavy Weaving

Delighted to welcome former Guild member Bee (Beryl) Weir who delivered her talk ‘Freestyle Weaving’ and a ‘Wavy Weaving’ workshop.   Bee cleverly involved her audience by dressing them in a wrap or providing a piece of weaving to be displayed and then presenting a ‘fashion parade’.  A very varied selection of her woven wraps, […]

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