Jan 28th 2017 Kate Weston Hilltop Cloud Workshop ‘More from your Drum Carder’

A series of small demonstrations followed by people having a go.

lt is bookable hands-on workshop. Maximum of 15 people (due to limits on equipment) but everyone is invited to watch.

It will revisit how to add in texture to as well as making batts with stripes, roving, gradient roving, and how to make punis without a blending board. If time allows we may also fit in a mini-workshop on techniques for spinning from batts.

Costs to be confirmed but probably a contribution of £5.00 for fibres.

Feb 25th 2017 Members’ Day

Bring your own project to work on.

Mar 25th 2017 Val Bryant Talk & Demo “Spinning Through Time”

Exhibition of rare spinning wheels and a demonstration of flax spinning on a 1796 Joseph Doughty spinning wheel.

Apr 22nd 2017 Members’ Day

Bring your own project to work on.

Coincides with Wonderwool

May 27th 2017 Woodland Tunery Talk, Sales Table & Wheel Surgery “Spinning a Yarn”

How their company, Woodland Turnery has progressed over the years and how they acquired Timbertops Spinning Wheels. There will be a Sales Table in the morning together with the opportunity to see some Timbertops Wheels and reconditioned wheels. ln the afternoon there will be a short talk and a Wheel Surgery. An inspection, advice, general tightening up of members’ wheel is offered free-of-charge.

Members are responsible for any parts required.

Bank Holiday Weekend

Jun 24th 2017 Members’ Day

Bring your own project to work on.

Jul 22nd 2017 Katie Chaplin Japan Crafts Workshop Sakiori Weaving
‘Rag weaving’, Japanese style!The Japanese have been making new cloth from old kimonos for centuries. ln this workshop, you will learn to warp a simple loom in the morning, then make ‘yarn’ from beautiful, vintage kimonos to create new fabric which can then be made into place mats, bags etc. The Ashford Sampleit Looms used in the workshop will be available for purchase at the end of the Workshop.

Bookable workshop

Maximum 16 people

Materials £10/person

Sept 23rd 2017 Members’ Day

Bring your own project to work on.

Coincides with Yarndale and World Textile Day in Frodsham

Oct 28th 2017 Judy Jones Workshop – Beginner’s Crochet

Learn to chain, double, treble stitches and increase/decrease and use these new skills to make a rosette flower pin.

Nov 25th 2017 AGM, Christmas party and annual competition