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November 2018

  Our programme sec, Ann, had used her networking skills to organise a visit by Amanda Hannaford. Amanda’s travel expenses from Cornwall may be prohibitive for smaller Guilds so Leek, Stratford and North Cheshire had shared the cost and Amanda had made visiting the different Guilds part of her holiday.  We were able to hire […]

‘In House’ Dyeing October 2018

This was a re-run of the dyeing day in June run by Mandy and Janet with the mysterious addition of ‘Quick Dyeing in the Slow Cooker’ by Ann M.   My Method of Quick Dyeing with a Slow Cooker (Thanks to Chris Pegler from Stratford Guild) 1. Take a small loose skein of animal fibre yarn […]

June 23rd 2018 Getting Better at…Dyeing

Today’s meeting turned into an exciting ‘dabbling’ day with the opportunity to try something new or be experimental with more familiar techniques. Ann’s flower pounding was a striking success (pun intended).  She had prepared cotton fabric mordanted with alum and participants taped on their chosen flowers or leaves and hammered away. Linda Rudkin’s book ‘Flower […]

April 28th 2018 ‘Getting Better At’ day

Ann had organised a day for sampling various weaving methods.  Members brought a wide variety of gadgets and examples of their skill.  From tapestry, to toy and tablet there was a wide range of looms and techniques to try. When you attempt to list the different methods that may be classified as ‘weaving’ they are […]

The Silk Road to Birmingham from China

March 2018 We were delighted to welcome Teresinha Roberts from Wildfibres who delivered one of her new talks in the morning and tutored a workshop in the afternoon. Teresinha explained the uniqueness of silk in the fibre world with its prismatic shape reflecting light and the structure (lacking cells) lending itself to the drape of […]

Saori Weaving

We were delighted to welcome Rosie Green from SaoriMor in Bangor, North Wales who introduced us to the concept and technique of Saori Weaving. The ‘sa’ syllable means the same as the zen word ‘sai’ meaning everything has its own dignity and ‘ori’ is the Japanese word for weaving.  It was developed almost fifty years ago in […]

Getting Better At

January 2018 The first of our ‘Getting Better At’ sessions, designed to enhance members’ days, the topic for this month was spinning.  A number of members had indicated they would like some instruction on the differences between woollen, long draw and worsted, short draw spinning.   Ann demonstrates long draw           […]

Woodland Turnery

May 27th 2017 In May we were pleased to welcome Joan and Clive (not forgetting Star) from Woodland Turnery.  Joan gave a most interesting talk about their work and afterwards Clive carried out a surgery for folks to discuss their wheel problems and have them rectified.  Joan and Clive had brought their shop with many […]

Spinning through Time with Val Bryant

March 2017 Spinning through Time with Val Bryant We were very pleased to welcome one of our members as our speaker for March 2017. Val Bryant and her husband David are recognised nationally as experts on spinning wheels, David as a member of the Regional Furniture Society, Cheshire Woodturners and as a maker of wheels. […]

More from your Drum Carder

KATIE WESTON, HILLTOP CLOUD Good to see Katie again, hard to believe its over a year since she was first with us to explore the potential of the drum carder (October 2015). The workshop participants enjoyed a very busy day with ideas and techniques rolling out one after another (pun intended). Members and visitors were […]

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