May 28 2022: Natural Dyeing Workshop with Judy Hardman


The Natural Dyeing Workshop with Judy Hardman was a great success and twelve of our members had a very busy five or six hours producing some lovely coloured skeins. Lorna sent me the following feedback, with which I think everyone will agree:

‘The workshop was very interesting and comprehensive. I have to say, I was pleased we all came away with four cards loaded with dyed samples of the various colours and we were offered the excess liquor if we wished to avail ourselves of it, which a couple of the attendees did. Judy was full of enthusiasm and verve for her workshop. It was obvious she enjoys dyeing and this came across to each of us. She was very well prepared, had plenty of equipment and resources to fulfil the workshop planned. We were handed information sheets which meant no note taking was necessary and our full attention could be focussed on the workshop.’
Judy put up a colourful display of yarns and was also selling dye plants and seeds.























Those of us who weren’t taking part had a chance to share skills and have a catch up.


words and pics: Liz Carrington, Lorna Page