January 2022

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, what a lovely start to the year! It was a treat to start the year on a positive note with at least twenty seven people present. Our skill share day was very successful with more experienced members giving advice to new recruits.

We’re fortunate to be able to hire a large hall, so, with a bit of extra ventilation, it feels a safe environment in these uncertain times.

February meeting (26th)

John Parkinson’s talk about his recycling business iinouiio has had to be postponed until next year due to problems in finding a new host mill, but I’m very pleased to let you know that Miriam Ward is going to give us a talk and bring some of her yarns for sale. If you follow the link below you’ll have an idea of how tempting they are! Miriam last gave us a talk two years ago on our February meeting just before Lockdown, and I’m sure we’ll be in for an entertaining hour or so.


March meeting (26th)

There’s a change of plan for this meeting. Having realised that many of our members know very little about Ikat, Erica Just  will come and give us a talk with slides and the workshop will be postponed. The workshop could be booked for next year after she’s given us an idea of what to expect.

Advance notice:

Association of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers


The theme for the juried section is COAL, COTTON, CANALS. Every Guild member is invited to submit up to two pieces of work which will be selected from photos by three experts, so not every piece will be displayed at the exhibition. Each entry must include one or more of our three disciplines.

There is also an un-juried section entitled STILL WATERS. This is to be a textile piece within a 6inch/15cm ring, and every piece submitted will be accepted to go on show.

We will need volunteers to steward the exhibition, so any time you can spare over the two weeks will be much appreciated.


North Cheshire Annual Competition November (26th)– ‘GO FOR IT!’

Enter anything within our three disciplines of spinning, weaving and dyeing.