Journeying by the Sea

At our March meeting we were delighted to welcome the textile artist Patricia Greaves, who is now predominantly a feltmaker. Patricia takes much of her inspiration from the sea and coast, particularly enjoying her ‘local’ beach at Ainsdale. 

Patricia has developed her ideas into exhibition installations and displays including a ‘walk-through’ installation.  Initially a painter, her exhibition and display pieces feature ’etching’ on perspex, printing on aluminium and during her ‘white phase’ working on brown paper with pastels and crayon.

We were certainly given plenty to think about including the use of technology to produce panoramic pictures (on your phone) and wonderful photobooks.  Most gadgets have a simplified version of Photoshop these days (or you’ll find an app to do it!) with which to edit and enhance your photographs…give it a go.

As well as a photographic presentation we were treated to a display of Patricia’s work including large felt panels, a triptych and a creation from painted and folded fabric. Her work includes several felt disciplines: nuno, gossamer, needle-felting and 3D work.  She hopes to develop her inspirations into woven pieces.

Patricia is a member of Merseyside Guild and gives workshops in the area.  Many more examples of her work may be found on her website  and on her Facebook page.