February 2019 Freestyle and Wavy Weaving

Delighted to welcome former Guild member Bee (Beryl) Weir who delivered her talk ‘Freestyle Weaving’ and a ‘Wavy Weaving’ workshop.


Bee cleverly involved her audience by dressing them in a wrap or providing a piece of weaving to be displayed and then presenting a ‘fashion parade’.  A very varied selection of her woven wraps, ponchos, stoles and scarves was demonstrated and explained.  Bee was anxious that her audience grasped her principle that the loom does not dictate what you are making, you are producing a fabric which can be sewn, folded, cut and shaped like any other.

A simple rigid heddle loom can be utilised in a variety of ways and narrow weaves can be sewn together.  Using mixed heddle sections enables one to use a variety of thicknesses of yarns, including ‘pom-pom’, in the warp.  Mixing feltable and non feltable yarn can produce a stunning effect when felted.  Additional heddles make the production of double weave or pocket fabric possible.  Clasped weft technique gives very pleasing results and for extra interest a plainish fabric could be dyed after weaving.

Nothing need be wasted.  Offcuts can be made into hats, bags, placemats etc.











In the afternoon participants had brought their looms warped up and ready to experiment with wavy weaving.  Bee had designed the shuttle (which is available from her on line shop http://craftsfromthedungeon.com/shop  new business name is Crafts from the Clink) which creates waves in the weaving later filled in with a contrasting yarn.











See Bee’s website for details of workshops in her various disciplines or contact 07761788711 if you want to visit her new studio in Mancot, Deeside CH5 2BJ