‘In House’ Dyeing October 2018

This was a re-run of the dyeing day in June run by Mandy and Janet with the mysterious addition of ‘Quick Dyeing in the Slow Cooker’ by Ann M.


My Method of Quick Dyeing with a Slow Cooker

(Thanks to Chris Pegler from Stratford Guild)

1. Take a small loose skein of animal fibre yarn or washed fleece and put it into a bowl of hot water, with a cup of white vinegar or some citric acid crystals. The acidity allows the dye to be taken up into the fibres. Leave for about 15-20 minutes.

2. (Although this method works on animal fibres it also can work well on NYLON~ Angelina or Firestar. Most rayon based processes also work well i.e. Bamboo or soya. Have no idea why?   Experiment !)

3. Set up the slow cooker by adding water and more vinegar. Heat cooker on high for a few minutes until water is hot.

4. Decide on your colour. Will you add one or several together, mixed or separate? Once you have chosen then use a cocktail stick to add ONE drop of Wilton Food Gel into the water in the slow cooker. CARE NEEDED. These dyes are concentrated so add dye carefully.

5. Drain the acidic yarn and transfer to the slow cooker. Gently push it under water to cover but DON’T STIR.

6. Wait until the water is clear. Usually it’s only minutes, depends on the temperature. This means that the acid has picked up all the dye from the water and locked it onto your yarn.

7. Pick out the yarn and wash in water.

8. Spin in a salad spinner to remove moisture.

9. Hang up to dry.

10. Enjoy your specially dyed yarn.

Ø Note: Black, Violet and Dephinium dyes will split into their constituent colours .This makes it more interesting!

Ø Green and some blue dyes don’t exhaust quickly so you may have a wait.

Ø Experiment with greasy fleece as the grease inhibits the dye , a bit like Batik or wax resist. You’ll get blotchy dyeing.

This method is quick enough to experiment with and rarely gives you repeatable dyeing so it’s very exciting.

(Pictures from Sylvia)

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