Getting Better At

January 2018

The first of our ‘Getting Better At’ sessions, designed to enhance members’ days, the topic for this month was spinning.  A number of members had indicated they would like some instruction on the differences between woollen, long draw and worsted, short draw spinning.

GB Jan1


Ann demonstrates long draw






Long draw woollen spinning from carded rolags was demonstrated which produces an airy, lofty yarn suitable for warm jumpers.  Worsted spinning was achieved from combed fibres which become parallel and are then spun short draw.  This gives a smooth, shiny yarn more suitable for weaving or for harder wearing garments.

GB Jan2


perfecting carding






GB Jan3


samples of the different methods of spinning

(always label your samples!)









Thank you so much Ann for all the preparation and for expertly sharing your Association Summer School experiences with us.

If you feel you could share your expertise with us in future sessions please let Ann (Martin) know.