Each year, in conjunction with the AGM and Christmas party, the Guild holds a competition. The competition is open to all members and is divided into the craft categories we promote: spinning, weaving and dyeing.

There is an annual theme, usually announced early in the year (after the first committee meeting) giving members plenty of time to plan and prepare their entries.

The following criteria were devised many years ago but may be useful for your preparation and helpful when you place your secret ballot in the vote for the winner of each category.



A skein of spun yarn may be submitted as an entry or your entry may be spun yarn that has been made up into something. All spinning methods acceptable, wheel or spindle, Mayan or ‘Dizzy’.

(see local supplier Bee Weir)

  • evenly twisted yarn with constant diameter
  • yarn should be constant in strength
  • for the actual display of spun yarn the yarn should be exhibited in a skein, tied in four places and labelled with the name of the fleece/fibre
  • work should be exhibited with an sample of the fleece/fibre and singles yarn
  • suggested use for yarn should be stated



  • first impression
  • are the yarns and fibres suitable for the finished purpose
  • are the colours pleasing
  • is the article of the correct size
  • is the weave even and are the edges straight
  • is there a good finish
  • overall appearance



  • first impression
  • evenness of colours if this is the intention (difficult to assess with ‘rainbow’ dye)
  • coverage of the dye (no spots of underlying yarn where skein was tied)
    are the colours pleasing?
  • overall appearance
  • is the article suitable for the finished purpose?


The winner of each section receives a small challenge trophy which they are entrusted to return in time to be presented at the next competition.

Previous examples:

In 2014 the theme was ‘Something for the Table’

The winners were: (left to right)

Dyeing: Merle Hesp Spinning: Ann Ashcroft Salt Weaving: Averil Otiv

2014-d 2014-s 2014-w


2014 Additional competition ‘Silk Hankies’

Lynn Seddon, Rosie and Ellie were invited to judge the silk hankie competition which Lynn had originally suggested. The Guild had supplied each member with 10gms of silk hankies which were to be used and interpreted in an ‘anything goes’ style. A good response with a remarkable range of interpretations!


Silk hanky winners: 

Gill Moore for her Poppies (middle row left)
Gill Armstong for her earrings (top row right)
Sarah Talbot for her knitted scarf (middle row right)


2015 ‘SWD Project Not Previously Entered for a Guild Competition’

(Content to follow)

2016 theme ‘Thirty’

Additional competition – Design a lanyard for your Guild name badge

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