Guild Meetings

The North Cheshire Guild’s programme for each year is prepared well in advance with as many speakers as funds will allow on a wide variety of topics. We try to ensure that topics will appeal to all members. In addition, we have a workshop at least once a year this may be the day after a Guild meeting and is related to the subject spoken about the day before. Members sign up for workshops and those attending meet the cost involved. Non members or members of other guilds may be invited if there is space as a full class keeps individual costs down. An outing is sometimes arranged once a year to a place of textile interest.

We gather from about 10am for a 10.30 talk or demonstration. We do ask you to be prompt when a speaker is attending as late entry is a distraction for others. On members’ days we work on our own projects. These days offer an excellent opportunity to share projects or problems with other members. We bring our own lunch and usually work until about 4pm.

We ask you to sign the attendance book as you arrive and find and wear your name tag. Please replace your tag in the box at the end of the day.

Tea, coffee and cake are available throughout the day for a small charge, an honesty box is provided so that you may make your own drinks as and when you need them. You are asked to help out by washing your cups and plates and refilling the kettle if necessary. It would be appreciated if you would move your chair to the side of the hall when you leave.

To supplement our income from subscriptions so we may book top quality speakers and purchase new books and equipment for loan, we have various modest fund raising activities.

There is a monthly raffle. You are asked to donate suitable unwanted items to help with this activity.

We also have a cake rota to which we hope all members will contribute. Slices of cake are sold at meetings (spinning is a hungry business). Although cakes or cookies do not have to be home made this is a good opportunity to hone your baking skills!

We also have a Guild library for which a small charge is made for the borrowing of books, videos and CDs. You are asked to sign out the books you borrow in the library borrowing book and record their return. A list of library books is available.

There are items of equipment available for loan (again for a small charge). We have an Apollo cord winder, a drum carder, Indigo Hound wool combs (medium sized), small Louet wool combs, a hackle, a table loom etc. The treasurer keeps a record of these loans.

A sales/trading table is available where members may sell surplus plants, fibres, equipment etc. We do expect a small percentage (10%) of the sale to be donated to Guild funds.

You will find an information table on which posters and leaflets are displayed as well as Association news and reports from our committee meetings.